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Before starting:

1. Make sure that your web address is fully functional / has fully propagated.
2. Create your email account(s) via your control panel (cPanel).

You are now ready to begin setting up your email accounts with Outlook:

** Note: Your version may differ slightly from the one displayed here, but the principles remain the same.

1. Open MS Outlook.
2. Click on "Tools" and select "Email Accounts".

3. On the Email Accounts wizard window, select "Add a new email account" and click "Next".

4. For the Server Type, select "POP3" and click "Next".

5. On the Internet Email Settings (POP3) window, enter your information as follows:

Your Name
Enter your first and last name.

Email Address
Enter your email address (in full).

User Name
Enter your email address again (in full).

Enter the password you set up for your email account.

Incoming Mail Server (POP3)
Enter mail.yourdomain.com for your incoming mail server.

Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)
Enter mail.yourdomain.com for your incoming mail server.

For example: if your domain name is abchotels.com, then you would type "mail.abchotels.com" in both fields.

6. NB! Before clicking "Next", click on the "More Settings" button.

7. On the "Outgoing Server" tab section, make sure the "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication" box at the top
is checked. Then click "OK".

8. Click "Next", and then click "Finish".

Congratulations! You have now completed the process.