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Is there a demo version I can try?

Yes. Click here

I need help with using the program, where can I get it?

Click here for MySite's handy tips (RECOMMENDED)

Click here for the program's help documents

How do I request to have SiteBuilder activated?

To request to have SiteBuilder activated for your domain, login to your client account:

Under the section "Account Add-ons", click on the "Request an add-on for your account" link.

(a) Select the appropriate option.
(b) Complete the relevant request form.

How much does SiteBuilder cost?

R50 per month.

Where is the program installed or run from?

The program runs off the back-end of our systems from a dedicated server.

The content of the website is stored separately from the layout.
This way, you can completely change the look and feel of your website, without ever having to retype any information.

Can I design more than one website with the SiteBuilder program?

You can design multiple versions of your own website, and save them for later use.
The SiteBuilder program can however only be used for one web address / website.

Should you wish to use SiteBuilder on another website (other than your own), it will have to be installed for use on that website.

Can I design my website with SiteBuilder and then host it elsewhere?

This is not recommended. Remember, this is a service that we provide you.

While you may be able to download/export the website files, they will not be editable without appropriate software.
We also cannot gaurantee the full functionality of the website outside of the SiteBuilder program.