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What level of support do you provide?

We provide basic email support via trackable "support tickets".

Our system is designed to be as self supporting for the customer as possible, with the aid of video tutorials (provided within the customer's control panel), as well as the FAQ sections.

Do you provide telephonic support?

No. In order for us to keep our costs low, and thus be able to relay those savings back the customer, we do not operate a call centre. If we did we would charge a lot more for our services.

What is a support ticket?

A support ticket is simply a trackable email sent by the user (in this case our customer) via an online support system to help deal with any questions or problems that may arise. Tickets are normally submitted for specific issues.

How do I create/send a support ticket?

You should only need to submit a support ticket if you are unable to find a solution after reviewing the relevant video tutorials that are provided within your control panel, as well the various questions and answers posted in the FAQ sections.

To send a support ticket, login to your client account:

Under the section "Support", click on the "Submit a support ticket" link.

On the "New Ticket" page:

(a) Enter your full name.
(b) Enter your email address.
(c) Complete the particulars of your support ticket.
(d) Click on the "Open Ticket" button to send.

Your ticket will then be assigned a unique ID, and will be sent to our support department for processing.
A notification of the request will be sent to your mailbox.

How long do I have to wait for a response?

We endevour to respond to all support tickets as quickly as possible.
The permitted time period is within 24 hours during week days.

I am a reseller, do you provide support for my clients as well?

No. Resellers are responsible for supporting their own clients.